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11-May-2018, 15:59
Any information about it?

Stanley, London Bridge, London, UK. Channing and Dunn describe a instrument maker with wide interest and abilities, so he could have made lenses but it seems likely he dealt in ready made ones. A brass lens for 1/1plate No87,15x is known with the above engraving. (NB Do not confuse with Staley, a well known importer, above.)https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180511/9904c811b6e64dc9c3cc8fa9e359272e.jpg

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Steven Tribe
12-May-2018, 04:11
This William Ford Stanley is the same "Stanley" who founded the tool company and also had a factory in South Norwood (southern suberbs of London). There is probably an engraving/photo of the London Bridge sales shop around on the net.

So he could have made - at least the brass - without any expensive investment in machinary. It does look like a "unique".
style (landscape meniscus?) and would not have been difficult to make. There is one of his cameras here which has a more conventional RR.

Andrew Plume
12-May-2018, 06:33
I owned one of these a few years ago, it was definitely a meniscus and it delivered a fair amount of out of focus swirl, in fact too much for me, which was why I sold it