View Full Version : Jobo 4x5 Reel Compatibility - Other tanks?

11-May-2018, 08:15
Does anyone know which other tanks the Jobo 4x5 reels are compatible with? The Jobo tanks are extremely expensive. I currently use the taco method but I'd like to purchase a Jobo reel and ideally use it with a cheaper tank.

Jim Noel
11-May-2018, 12:23
I don't know of another tank with same diameter and height.

12-May-2018, 06:50
Compared with film those Jobo tanks are cheap.

14-May-2018, 09:56
Watch eBay for a while and you can get a tank from the 2500-series for less than $30. Can't really get anything that'll work cheaper than that.