View Full Version : Unopened HC-110 developer, 2 1/2 years old - toss or use?

10-May-2018, 14:54
I just found an unopened container of Kodak HC-110 developer that was purchased 2 1/2 years ago. Kodak says the shelf life is 6 months, but I would like to use it. I can just try it out on some test shots, but thought I'd ask here if anyone has used HC-110 this old and if so, what were the results?


10-May-2018, 15:10
Unopened? - Use it.
I've used unopened hc-110 that was 15ish years old just fine.
Unless it is dark brown (oxidized), have at it.
If it is brown - test it, but i hear even then it will likely work fine.

10-May-2018, 15:15
Even if opened, probably fine if not dark brown as noted.

10-May-2018, 16:38
Super. Will use it. Appreciate the advice.


10-May-2018, 17:26
My HC-110 was opened 2 years ago, it is dark orange and still works just fine, I'm sure your bottle will be the same.

10-May-2018, 17:46
Use it!

Fred L
10-May-2018, 18:05
I'm using four year old stock HC110 (dark amber glass bottle) and it's looking fine. I don't recommend that length of time however ;)

Nodda Duma
10-May-2018, 18:28
Hexk my opened working bottle of HC-110 is older than that. Use it!

10-May-2018, 18:55
I'd use it then refrigerate it. L

Jim Andrada
13-May-2018, 18:04
I've used 5 - 10 year old HC110 with no problems. Maybe when the archeologists dig us up 5000 years from now it will still work - if they remember what film was..

John Layton
16-May-2018, 14:34
When I recently unearthed some ancient (1988 expiry date) 11x14 Tri-X (never refrigerated - stored in numerous hot attics over the years)...I naturally opted for some of my "vintage" HC-110 - long-ago opened bottle with remaining contents as black as a good stout - and, lo and behold...got this as my reward:178390

16-May-2018, 16:46
HC110 is not Rodinal. My bottle is yellowish and clear, almost full, but with about one year of being opened. I have not been able to develop some film, so I tossed.

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
17-May-2018, 03:00
HC 110 as sirup and undiluted Rodinal last forever !