View Full Version : Mystery brass lens: Extra Rapid Aplanat F:7 No. 3

10-May-2018, 13:17

I recently got this lens from an Ebay seller in Ireland for $99. It has no manufacturer engraving of any kind. I measured the focal length at approx. 8 inches/200mm, 15 aperture blades, and max/min f-number of f/7-f/44.

It also covers my 4x5 without vignetting. I did research beforehand (antiquecameras.net & Google), but found nothing. Does anyone have an idea of the manufacturer, production date, intended purpose, etc?

Steven Tribe
10-May-2018, 14:26
It must be French or German. The iris details point to 1890s - 1910. It would have been the "basic" option on a 10x15 or 13x18cm European camera of the same period. People were very good at making these aplanats/RR by this time and the patents had expired.

10-May-2018, 14:36
Thanks for the info, Steven.

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