View Full Version : Exactly where can one get lensboard(s) for Busch Pressman D 4x5 Camera?

10-May-2018, 08:35
Dear LFPF Members,

I recently acquired a BUSCH Pressman 4x5 D camera and am looking for a source for lensboards:

a) Need Copal 0 and Copal 1 boards.
b) I heard rumors of someone fabricating them, but have not been able to locate source.
c) If anyone has website link or telephone number I would greatly appreciate it.
d) otherwise its foamcore, papermache and flat black spray paint, don't want to go there if I can avoid it.
e) Should someone have a 3d printer, how difficult would this board be to re-create?

Many Thanks!


Dan Fromm
10-May-2018, 09:23

Peter Collins
10-May-2018, 09:37
I just bought 2 from him last month. Well-made. Reasonable cost. Recommended.

Peter Collins
10-May-2018, 11:29
I bought from Gary Deal.