View Full Version : Archival Slipsheets?

neil poulsen
9-May-2018, 20:34
I would appreciate recommendations for reasonably priced archival slipsheets that I can place between photos mounted without overmats on museum rag board.

Merg Ross
9-May-2018, 22:08
Neil, I get mine from Archival Methods.



10-May-2018, 07:31
Neil, On the same page that Merg Ross sent you from Archival Methods, I use their "Archival Paper," which I think is a bit thicker and heavier than the "Thin Paper" Mr. Ross uses. With this interleaving, I then store my prints in Archival Methods Onyx Portfolio Boxes, which are not cheap but quite well constructed. I usually look for their factory seconds to save a bit of money, and have yet to notice any issues or blemishes that caused those to be rated as "seconds." They have various other options for boxes or cases.

neil poulsen
10-May-2018, 09:52
Thanks for the link and info.

I'll take a look at the Onyx archival boxes. In fact, I just purchased several 15x17.5 archival boxes listing for almost $60 for just under $15 each. These boxes will be ideal for 14"x17" and 13x15 matte sizes that I use.

Every once and a while, serendipity strikes.