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9-May-2018, 16:28
Self imposed project coming up that requires an ultra WA lens for my 11x14. OK, first comes to mind is a 90mm Hypergon lens. Aside from the price sticker shock, the optic is just too wide for me. Presently have and use a 5.9 No. 5 Gray Periscope which I had SK Grimes mount in a Copal shutter. Angle of view is great and it does indeed cover 11x14, but am looking for something just a little bit wider. Am looking for an optic of around 120mm to 130mm that covers 11x14. So far my research has ended up coming up blank.

9-May-2018, 16:35
I don't have direct experience, but I've been casually looking for a Rodenstock Pantogonal* lens for my 8x20, in the 20cm range. In my research of this lens type, I found this thread, which I dug up again:


This describes a 12.5cm lens that supposedly covers 11x14. Some have said the lens is a dog...but so what? I assume you are contact printing, and if so, the lens is probably good enough for that.

I have seen a couple on eBay and they definitely don't command the Hypergon premium, but they aren't going for a song either. Much rarer too (at least on eBay, probably because of their lesser-known status).

*Pantogonal, Pantagonal, Pentagonal, Pentogonal, who knows how to spell the thing (originally) but the first one seems to be the most common.

9-May-2018, 16:58
This is the list of modern lenses: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lenses/LF11x14in.html

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