View Full Version : bellowed lens shade / compendium that fits Horseman FA?

9-May-2018, 11:55

I have been contemplating buying a proper adjustable compendium type lens shade for my Horseman FA.
The front standard has two holes that look like they were made to fit the attachment pins of a bellowed lens shade and I have found some Horseman brand bellowed shades on Ebay, that look as if they might fit, but I am unsure if they were meant for the various Horseman monorail/view cameras only or if they will also fit field cameras with their smaller lens board/front standard like the FA. I am concerned that even if I can attach the shade to the front standard, the bed might get in the way. So I am looking for input from people who have acutally used such a shade on Horseman FA/HD or one of the Horseman medium format cameras. Of course I am also open to suggestions for different brand conpendium type shades that fit the FA.


9-May-2018, 12:15

Have a look at the Linhof wire sportsfinder. It has two pins that plug into the front standard on Technika's.....it could be used as a basis for a shade.

I think the Toyo compendium hood has pins too, but it also has a centre screw, so not sure if that would fit.


9-May-2018, 13:38
The Kenko website may list the correct part number? Alternative is Dinkum lens shade.

9-May-2018, 14:30
Thanks so far, the most recent "Type II" bellows lens hood (part no 23544) is for the L system only apparently. I see Horseman branded bellows lens shades on the web that appear to be slightly different from the "Type II" but have had no success in reseraching dimensions or compatibilty of that particular shade with the field cameras.

9-May-2018, 18:06
1988 Horseman Catalog lists the compendium shade as category "L" which cross references to 450B, 450, 450EM, 570 and 810. No listing for a compendium shade for the VH, VH-R or FA that I can find.
They also list "Sinar Adapter (23546) Allows the use of Horseman Bellows Lenshood on Sinar cameras" but I don't know what it would look like. Maybe you would be able to adapt the Horseman shade to the FA with some 3d fabricated part.

10-May-2018, 06:46
The problem with adapting most 3rd party bellows lenshoods seems to be their too large diameter (collides with the bed). I read of someone who tried to adapt a Toyo Field bellows lens hood to his FA and failed for that reason.

Good news is I digged deeper into the depths of the Internet and finally found some pictures of the "real Mccoy".

Horseman did indeed produce a dedicated bellows lens shade for the VH and FA series. It was officially called "Flex Lens Shade" (フレックス蛇腹レンズフード in Japanese) and mounted to the front standard via an adapter (mounting base). What I could not find is a part number.

I include a link to a picture of this shade for anyone interested (you can see the mounting base lying in front of the shade):
The description says "Type 2", but I think this is mistake. I cannot afford the price the shop is asking, so if anyone feels tempted to order from Japan, go ahead!

Here is a link to a picture of the hood "in action" (attached to VH/FA type front standard) and, more interesting, of the instructions sheet, which also shows a drawing of the mounting base that might be helpful for a DIY adapter

I have saved the pictures for future reference in case they vanish from the web.