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paul owen
31-Aug-2005, 01:59
Okay ... picture the scene, I'm finally learning about shooting colour - I thought I'd finally give it a try after years of black and white! I've decided on using Fuji Quickloads (got a stash of cheap film!). Following a posting a few days ago (by me) regarding the compatability of Fuji film in a Polaroid holder I decide to run my own "tests". Now, I'm familiar with the operation of Polaroid holders, so no real problem here. I order a Fuji Quickload holder (Mark II) to compare results. Holder arrives complete with padded case and instruction sheet in ... JAPANESE! I can sort of figure out what's happening - look at the diagrams! BUT I'm puzzled on a few things - HOW DO USE THE %$*"%%^ THING!! I've trawled Fuji site and they have diagrammatic instructions for the older version but not this one! Can anyone help? I'm especially "foxed" by the little "lock" button on top right!! ANY help would be gratefully appreciated! (Knew I should have stuck to b&w!). TIA Paul

Marshall Arbitman
31-Aug-2005, 02:30

<ol><li>1) Take packet in hand. <li>2) With side marked with rectangle and lens facing the lens, slide into holder, until you feel a click. This is the clip catching in the clamp.<li>3) Close shutter.<li>4) Grip paper sticking out of the holder and pull until you feel a catch. This is the equivalent of pulling the dark slide. You're now "hot."<li>5) Expose film.<li>6) Push paper ALL the way back in. Gently tap to make sure it is seated.<li>7) Press button. This releases the clamp/clip. Remove packet.</ol>

Michael Hewson
31-Aug-2005, 04:28
OK! Being a QL user I'm keen to know if Mark II is better than MK I - reading the post tends to suggest they have just put an easier safety release button on place rather than the white tab - are there any other benefits?


paul owen
31-Aug-2005, 04:40
Sorted! Thanks for the replies! I sort of understood the load/unload procedure (but now its clear!!) and the "lock" button is actually a little ink stamper for marking exposed film!!

Scott Bacon
31-Aug-2005, 08:56
"the "lock" button is actually a little ink stamper for marking exposed film!!"

That's a cool idea. But I always used the exposed stickers over the metal clip to ensure that it stays attached to the envelope.

Scott Schroeder
31-Aug-2005, 09:02
I used to put the exposed sticker over the tab also, until I started developing the film myself. Can you say PITA! I'd be curious if the pro labs hate it when we do that.

John Berry ( Roadkill )
31-Aug-2005, 11:42
When you pull to expose pull from the area other than the indented part of the tab. When you remove the film pinch in the indented section.

Eric Z. Beard
31-Aug-2005, 19:34
Scott, with the sticker thing, I know what you mean, especially if you try to peel the silly things off in the dark. I finally came up with a simple solution, though... I use a pocket knife to slice them right up next to the metal clip, and I don't have to worry about little fragments getting stuck to everything.

Brian Sims
1-Sep-2005, 10:13
Here's how I use the exposed sticker. Once, I was 5 miles down a trail before my first shot. I exposed the film for N+1 development. I search through my pack--no pencil, no pen. As I put the sticker on, I ripped off the "d". Now, I rip off the letters at the end of "exposed" to indicate pushing the film and the letters off the beginning of the word to indicate pulling the film. E.G. Rip off "ed" to push 2 stops. Rip off the beginning "e" to pull one stop. Since I was never very disciplined about using the other notes I would write on the packet tab, I have stopped fussing with written notes altogether.