View Full Version : Anyone is NYC area who might be up to loan me a wide angle for 5x7?

M Harvey
7-May-2018, 08:18
Before sourcing a pricey rental, I thought I'd reach out here. Anyone have something in the 110-125 range that covers 5x7 that they might be willing to loan me from this Friday 5/11-Wednesday 5/16? Maybe I have something you'd like to borrow to try (or just to hang onto as collateral)-- a Wisner Tech Field (4x5), Nikon lenses, a beautiful Contax zoom adapted to Nikon mount, an Epson V700 scanner, LED continuous lights. Also have filmmaking stuff like a Blackmagic Pocket Camera (Nikon or PL mount), super 16mm lenses, fluid head, slider...

Thanks for your consideration! Message me here, or email directly: mharvey.nyc [at] gmail.