View Full Version : Questions about a Press-Compur

4-May-2018, 22:28
I'm discussing a lens with someone and they can't currently access it to count the aperture blades for me. The shutter is a Linhof select Press-Compur. How many aperture blades does this shutter have?

For that matter, how does a Linhof select Press-Compur differ from a normal Compur?

Pere Casals
5-May-2018, 04:09
I'd say that a Linhof select Press-Compur is a normal Press-Compur that's Linhof stamped and had a QC check by Linhof.

Press-Compurs I've seen had 10 aperture blades, IIRC. If you search ebay, you have several Press-Compur with images of aperture blades.

I guess Press-Compur design added a lever to open the shutter, allowing to focus easily. I guess there is some confusion because "Prontor-Press" was a self cocking cheap version of the related Prontor. ("Zeiss organisation held a significant shareholding in both of these companies prior to the introduction of the shared connector" , PC: Prontor-Compur flash connector)

SK Grimes says: Later versions are called “Synchro Compur” or, in the case of the non flash version “Compur Rapid” and have five (shutter) blades, this is not the aperture blades count...

5-May-2018, 19:03
I have one of those, they are terrific. The lens is great, I cannot access my lens now to count the blades. But, the problem I have is that the lever to open the shutter (it is like a little concentric circles/cone/hat) is one of those that can break easily, specially if it has not been used for a long time. Make sure you can open it without problem. Mine broke, and since they don't have T, but B only for speed. I open the shutter with B and lock the release cable until the focussing is done. IT should be really cheap.