View Full Version : Shneider SS 210/5,6 XL vs. 210/8,0 S.A

29-Aug-2005, 08:55
Dear friends

Does anyone know the difference between the 210/8,0 Super Angulon and the new 210/5,6 XL. from the chart, the lenses are alike, but the f.stop and centerfilter differs them.
Anyone using these chunks of glass ??

Eric Leppanen
29-Aug-2005, 09:54

In general, the Super Symmar XL’s have smaller rear elements and weigh less than older Biogon-derived designs such as the Super Angulons, while providing comparable if not greater coverage. In your case, the SS210XL weighs 2002 grams while the SA210 weighs 3065 grams (I cannot offhand find the length of the SA210 to make a length comparison). The smaller rear element also allows me to mount my SS210XL on a relatively small Technika-sized lensboard, which makes packing easier. The larger rear element of the SA210 won't fit through a Technika-sized lensboard mounting frame, so you'd have to mount this lens on a larger lensboard (such as a Sinar).

Also, in my subjective judgment the SSXL’s are a smidge sharper and more color saturated than the Super Angulons, although not everyone may agree with me on this.

On the other hand, the Super Angulons use a tilted entrance pupil design, which slightly reduces light fall-off from center to edge of the image circle, whereas the SSXL's do not. However, my experience with 8x10 has been you shouldn’t need to use a center filter with the SS210XL unless you use transparency film with extreme movements.

Lastly, the SS210XL provides a larger maximum aperture than the SA210, which is always handy especially on a wide-angle lens.

George Stewart
29-Aug-2005, 10:15
The SS will need more tightening of control locks and more care when making camera adjustments because it is significantly heavier in front than in back. The SA is more balanced between the front and rear elements, and although heavier, many be easier to use. In other words, be careful when using the SS so that it doesn't flip forward and get damaged!

Oren Grad
29-Aug-2005, 10:19
The 210SA came in two versions. Per Schneider, the earlier, non-multicoated version was also longer, narrower and substantially lighter:

www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/large_format_lenses/super-angulon/data/8-210mm.html (http://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/large_format_lenses/super-angulon/data/8-210mm.html)