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28-Apr-2018, 13:32

I have a 1970s era flash which I would like to connect to a modern digital camera, via a Wein safe synch hot shoe with a female PC connection. I would like to connect the old flash to the female PC connection on the hot shoe.

Attached are several photos of the connector as it is. PC-1 is a shot of the connector as it comes from the flash, wired directly to the flash. The larger circle is about 0.5 mm wide, and is threaded on the outside. The inner circle is about 0.2 mm in diameter. PC-2 shows the connector from the flash, together with some type of adaptor. PC-3 shows the adaptor attached to the connector, and PC-4 is a shot of the PC connector on the camera.

Does anyone recognizes the name of this type of connector? And if so, I would appreciate knowing what type of connector/adaptor I would need to attach the connector directly to the female PC connection of the Wein safe sych hot shoe.


Dan Fromm
28-Apr-2018, 13:57
Sandy, this is very strange. The connector on the camera looks much like an old ASA connector. I didn't know that any recent cameras had ASA connectors.



28-Apr-2018, 14:20
The cord looks like an old Honeywell cord with an ASA tip screwed on. At the time it was made, that cord had a variety of tips available, but I doubt you will find the PC tip now. I bet the other end of the cord is a standard household plug. Household to PC cords are available from Paramount.

Keith Pitman
28-Apr-2018, 14:22
You might try perusing the custom cordssection at paramountcords.com and see if you can configure an adapter. If not, try calling or emailing them.

28-Apr-2018, 14:23

To be clear, the connection in the photo is on the old camera which came with the flash, not the modern digital camera to which I want to use with the flash. The camera appears to be from the 60s or 70s, perhaps some type of Pentax.

Assuming that the connector is an ASA, would you know if I could buy an adaptor to connect from ASA to female PC?


Keith Pitman
28-Apr-2018, 14:34
Also found this:


There are other similar ones on Ebay. I believe I have one of these in some vintage gear!

Bob Salomon
28-Apr-2018, 15:28
Not having a profile view of the threaded portion makes it hard to tell but Rollei had a threaded PC connector on some TLR cameras and the early SL 66 camera. They also accepted a standard PC cord. I am not aware of any flash units with a built in Rollei threaded PC cord.

28-Apr-2018, 19:47
Thanks for the feedback, I will be calling paramountcords.com about this.