View Full Version : Deardorff 8x10 back alternatives - which other brand's backs fit as well?

28-Apr-2018, 05:38
Dear forum friends,

It really happened, I got bitten from the 8x10 bug.
And that so fast after I got already bitten from the 4x5 bug just a while ago!

Seems like there are some around in this forum :rolleyes:

Coming to my point, I would like to know if there are any 8x10 backs from other brands which fit as well?

I purchased this little piece on evil bay:

I know it will be some work to replace some missing screws etc, but the main issue will probably be to find the real 8x10 back.
But I still believe I got lucky with the price on that one, as the seller measured the 4x5 reducing back ground glass and described it as a 4x5.

Any ideas which alternatives are out there for me?

Also, in case you see already from the pictures, any suggestions what other items I might use for the repair and where to get them (despite the obvious film holders)?
I've read in another thread that Barry C or Ken Hough might be a good start?

Thanks a lot and wish you a nice weekend.


28-Apr-2018, 05:49
Miguel that is a 5x7 camera it won’t take an 810 back just 57 and 45! The reducing back is a 57to 45. Great camera, but looks like some of the front extension is missing. Parts won’t be so easy to find. I’d send it back if possible.

28-Apr-2018, 05:53
sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the camera you bought is not an 8x10 camera. It is a 5x7 camera and has a 5x7 to 4x5 reducing back on it in the photos.
It's not large enough for and 8x10 back

I would try to get my money back IF they told you or implied that it was an 8x10 camera.

also, there are some parts missing on that camera that will make it hard to use.

Andrew Plume
28-Apr-2018, 06:22
Hi Miguel

Just to add that there have been significant posts on here re "Barry C".............I'll leave it at that, just a 'pointer' for you

good luck and regards


Roger Thoms
28-Apr-2018, 06:28
Might just be the time to get bit by the 5x7 bug, it's a fine format in it's own right.


28-Apr-2018, 07:25
If you search this forum you can find what V8’s have sold for in the past. I’d hold off and wait for a V8 through this forum. Better chance of getting a good camera at a fair price.

28-Apr-2018, 07:38
Hi everybody,

Oh what a stupid mistake I made...

And yes, it's completely my mistake.
I just asked the seller about the size of the ground glass, and just by looking at the back I had the impression that 4 of these glasses would fit easily.
I did not want to point too much at it as I was afraid the seller would add it to the description and so ruin the opportunity of the low price.
But by mistakes we learn, so I will see what to do with the situation and maybe selling it directly again in the hope to not make too much loss.

Anyway thanks a lot for all your inputs.


28-Apr-2018, 07:47
On the other hand, the 5x7 aspect ratio is an especially pleasing one for some folks, so perhaps you should consider this serendipitous and embrace the opportunity? I wish my 8x10 was actually 8x11!

Ray Van Nes
28-Apr-2018, 07:54
Hello Miquel. Do not despair. Although it is not an 8 x 10, 5 x7 negs are twice the size of 4x5 and the camera is more portable than the 8 x10. The back problem should be solvable. I once built a 4 x5 back to fit a 5 x7 Deardorff I had. Many years later, I still had the back but no Deardorff - long story. I had acquired a Seneca 5 x7 . Guess what, the Dearforff back worked on the Seneca, so you may be able to find a Seneca or similar back that you can adapt to the Dorff. You just need to be a little handy.

1-May-2018, 07:49
Dear Paul and Ray,

Yes, you are right. Thanks for your valuable information.

Nevertheless I ordered another 8x10 now and will probably sell the 5x7 again.
But as of now it is not finally decided. We will see.

Thanks again to everybody and best regards, Miguel

8-May-2018, 07:36
I have a 5x4 ebony and a kodak 8x10 with a 5x7 adapter and looking at the 5x7 it is a nice size to have around as a option.

8-May-2018, 23:28
I acquired a Deardorff real 8x10 now, also including reducing backs.
So now I have all options but the 5x7 will probably sell again as I have the back fit the 8x10.

9-May-2018, 10:38
Congrats I know you will enjoy it!!!

10-May-2018, 05:43
Thanks Luis.