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23-Apr-2018, 20:34
I was wondering about the possibility of printing contrast filters in an inkjet printer on transparencies. Similar to making digital negatives on transparency sheets, has anyone ever tried printing a digital contrast filter for multigrade paper? You could also include areas of higher density by layering some extra black on there to create well controlled dodging masks. Then take that "filter" and sandwich it on the negative (either in the carrier on an enlarger, or laid on top for contract prints) for pretty good control of contrast and dodging. Has anyone tried this, and for those that have any suggestions?


Keith Pitman
23-Apr-2018, 20:41
Look at Alan Ross’ website.

Pere Casals
23-Apr-2018, 23:21
Addind to Keith comment.

There were 3 Alan Ross articles in phototechmag "Selective Masking Part III: Computer Techniques for the Traditional Darkroom" explains what you ask

Now the phototechmag link does not work, but there is a partial archived copy https://web.archive.org/web/20150910001330/http://phototechmag.com:80/author/alan-ross/ with missed images.

You can purchase a PDF in the Alan Ross website, it's worth the price.

24-Apr-2018, 20:56
Just piling on...

The three articles are great.

Worth buying....

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