View Full Version : olympic really going this time

23-Apr-2018, 14:03
Hi all,
i posted a couple of years ago about going but that trip fell through. this time reservations are booked and pto has been approved so definitely heading there in may/june.
any new info on what to do where to go
also where to eat in forks and olympia

John Kasaian
23-Apr-2018, 20:45
Plenty of great seafood. There is a burger place in Forks that serves the Bella Burger, with grilled pineapple.
There are hiking trails, waterfalls, a rain forest, lakes and beaches--- huge beaches with sea stacks!
It's sort of like if Yosemite crashed into Big Sur, but without all the traffic

23-Apr-2018, 20:47
Thanks John, looking forward to the trip!