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19-Apr-2018, 09:09
I apologize if this has been asked before, but I searched the forums and could not find an answer.

Is it possible to identify the format of the Graflex RB cameras (Series B, D, Auto Graflex, etc) by the lens? It seems that most 3.25 x 4.25 I have seen have the kodak anastigmat no 32 6 3/8" while most 4x5 have the no. 33 7 1/2, but I do not know if this is a hard and fast rule or not. I have found a good deal on one, but the seller does not know the format or have any film holders and I am not close enough geographically to look at it myself.


19-Apr-2018, 09:45
Do you have pics? It's easy to tell visually, regardless of lens. Biggest giveaway is the struts that connect the lensboard and bellows to the camera body.

Dan Fromm
19-Apr-2018, 09:45
I just took a quick look at the bible, 10th edition. Short answer, for each format RB Graphics' standard focal lengths varied a little. Having the seller tell you what's written on the name plate or send you a photo would help narrow things down. So would the gate's measurements.

RB Ser. B: 2x3, 5 1/2"; 3x4, 6 3/8"; 4x5, 7 1/2"

RB Home Portrait: 5x7, 10" - 12"

RB Auto: 3x4, 7 1/2"; 4x5, 10"

RB Ser. D: 3x4, 6 - 6 3/8"; 4x5, 7 - 7 1/2"

Super D: 3x4, 6 - 6 3/8"; 4x5, 7"

19-Apr-2018, 10:40
Thanks for the replies. I don't see anything on the name plate that would differentiate 3x4 vs 4x5. It just says "RB Auto Graflex Curtain Aperture" then lists the shutter speed table. I will just see if I can have the seller measure the opening in the back of the camera and figure it out that way.

19-Apr-2018, 10:53
can the seller measure the opening where the opening where the film holder goes. That'll give a good idea of the format the camera handles.

19-Apr-2018, 14:15
did they send you a picture? If so post it here.

22-Apr-2018, 16:00
no picture, but they measured it and it is for 3.25 x 4.25