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Tim V
19-Apr-2018, 03:44
Hi all,

After missing out on a few good deals on a 210mm lens to use on 8x10Ē, Iím now looking at a C.P. GOERZ DAGOR 210MM (8 1/4) F6.8 lens, AM Opt Co, SN 779565. Iím finding it had to find info on this lens and what the usable IC might be stopped down to f45. Will it give me room for movements? Iíd like a good inch of rise, but beggars canít be choosers (Iíd like a Kowa Graphic f9, but theyíre going for quite big money now, or st least more than I can currently afford.) Itís not a gold dot or rim, and is in a rapax shutter. Any info appreciated!



19-Apr-2018, 06:18
As long as the shutter is good and recently serviced, I wouldn't worry too much. The Dagor is a great lens., it's great in 4x5/5x7 and it does cover 8x10. I have a Golden in Copal 1 that I use occasionally on 8x10. For wider, I use a 6 1/2" WA Dagor.

Jim Galli
19-Apr-2018, 08:42
That's a fine lens and you'll be happy with it's performance.

Tim V
19-Apr-2018, 13:08
Thanks guys,

I've never used a rapax shutter, are they reliable? Easily serviced?

Can I assume that stopped down the Dagor should give me an inch or so of rise / fall? If I can get at least that then I know I'll be happy.

Thanks again,


Jim Noel
19-Apr-2018, 13:52
I Have had a Dagor mounted in a RApax shutter for at least 30 years. In the meantime I have had gold dot and gold rims, both of which I got rid of and kept my original.

Tim V
19-Apr-2018, 15:40

Sounds like it’s a good option for me to start with. Prices for dagor lenses seem to vary wildly, so hopefully I can pick it up for a good, fair price.


Robert Opheim
23-Apr-2018, 18:36
8x10 lenses in the wide area tend either to cover with a small amount of wiggle room, or be be really big and expensive like the 165mm Super Angulon, 155mm Grandagon, 150 Nikor SW. I don't have a bag bellows on my 8x10 so I don't need that much coverage. I have both the 6 1/2" f/8 WA dagor and the 8 1/4 inch f/6.8 dagor they work well for the black and white images I shoot.

Tim V
23-Apr-2018, 23:46
Decided to start with a dagor type 210mm G-Claron. Looking forward to using it. Now, on to the dagor type 240mm g-Claron... I’m looking to build a 3 lens set.