View Full Version : Urban LF Hardware

26-Aug-2005, 13:25
Ain't this just the ticket? elearning.winona.edu/jjs/shorturl.html (http://elearning.winona.edu/jjs/shorturl.html)

Frank Petronio
26-Aug-2005, 13:34
Didn't know Snoop shoots with such bling bling. What color Hummer goes with it?

Christopher Perez
26-Aug-2005, 13:44
Woof. That's a wee bit of overkill. :-)

Donald Hutton
26-Aug-2005, 13:54
If it had a "spinner" lenscap, I'd buy it....

Oren Grad
26-Aug-2005, 13:58
It's actually no more expensive than a new, non-special-edition one (not that many people can afford that either)...

26-Aug-2005, 14:00
I would think they would at least include the 135mm F3.5 Planar! Sheesh.

Brian Vuillemenot
26-Aug-2005, 14:08
That be da bomb, yo!

John Cook
27-Aug-2005, 08:03
jj, this used to be more common than one might think.

I used to work with a photographer who, during his 1960's military service, had been stationed in Germany. He used to recount seeing Technikas with all sorts of plating and colors of leather.

I guess taste (mercifully) changes.