View Full Version : Center Filter Recommendations - Schneider 3 or 3b

Matt Long
26-Aug-2005, 11:53
I am looking for center filter recommendations for use with a Nikkor SW 90/8 (to be used mainly with 617 format, sometimes 4x5) and a Rodenstock Grandagon N 75/4.5 (used for both 4x5 and 617). I primarily shoot transparency film.

My dilemma is whether to choose the Schneider #3 or #3b center filter for this application. Schneider lists the #3 filter for use with the 65/5.6 and 75/5.6 SA and the #3b is listed for use with the 58/5.6, 80/4.5 and 110/5.6 XL lenses as well as the 90/8 SA lens. Is there much of a difference between these two filters? I will probably go with the #3b unless the experience of others directs me to the #3. Your thoughts and input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!

Bob Salomon
26-Aug-2005, 13:29
The proper center filter for the 75mm Grandagon 4.5 is the Rodenstock 170002. The Heliopan 67mm one can also be used. The Rodenstock 170005 can not be used for this lens even though all 3 filters above are 67mm.

Donald Hutton
26-Aug-2005, 13:55

I've used the IIIb with both the 90mm f8 Nikkor and the 75mm f5.6 Schneider SA - it worked perfectly on both.

David A. Goldfarb
26-Aug-2005, 14:26
I've been using the Schneider III on my 75/4.5 Grandagon-N and 90/8.0 Super-Angulon for 4x5" and 6x17, and haven't had any problems with it. Perhaps the officially matched filters work better, but I've never seen any comparison shots.

David A. Goldfarb
29-Aug-2005, 13:34
I had a chance to compare a IIIb to my III yesterday. The IIIb is slightly darker in the center--maybe 1/4 stop.