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16-Apr-2018, 22:43
Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question, but I am traveling (for the first time with film), so here goes.

I’m in Maui and I just hauled my MF gear as this is supposed to be a ‘vacation’. Question though, I’m keeping my unused film in the fridge, as we have no air condintioning in our unit, which is fine, but I’m wondering what I should do with my 20 or so rolls of exposed film?

Is it ok to put that back in the fridge, then bring it out when we’re flying home? Or does that adversely affect the film with temperature changes?

Or is it better to leave it in a really warn room?!

I have no idea.

I appreciate any help!

17-Apr-2018, 02:40
Hi Sean,

Enjoy your first time!

Film travels well. Particularly in hand luggage on departure.

Without sweating it, for a short time, the hot climate won't impact film - if you can control humidity by sealing the film with small sachets of silica gel in airlock bags which can then be deposited in the fridge.

Warm or cold - manage the humidity of the film as a priority over the temperature avoiding rapid cycles of extremes of temperature fluctuation.

Kind regards,


17-Apr-2018, 03:54
Putting the exposed film to the fridge will not do any harm, if closed in an airtight bag. And it will be better than keeping it in a room temperature. From my own experience, when travelling in tropical countries, films that are still in their prime time, won't get hurt even if left exposed for a month travelling being kept in the same temps as you.

17-Apr-2018, 06:41
Nothing to add to the above, but be SURE to not put film of any kind in checked luggage. Carry on only.

Kent in SD

Drew Wiley
17-Apr-2018, 17:07
I've taken both roll and sheet film to Maui many times, no problem. I'd be a bit concerned about refrigerating it and potentially getting condensation. A simple picnic cooler without ice would be practical. I also have a little insulated zipper bag intended to keep soda cans cool, which can hold about 20 rolls of 120 film - far more than I ever actually shoot per vacation. I normally take only four rolls. The biggest risk would be a hot car trunk or glove compartment.

21-Apr-2018, 01:18
Thanks for all the tips, guys!

I ended up just using a zip lock for the exposed film and keeping it in a dark closet. I think the temperature is actually quite bearable now as it’s been pretty overcast since that first day.

Again, thanks!

26-Jun-2018, 01:31
Another question: Is film okay through the checking door at the airport? I'm afraid of ruining them

Doremus Scudder
26-Jun-2018, 10:09
Another question: Is film okay through the checking door at the airport? I'm afraid of ruining them

There are many threads on this here already. Conclusion is that film must go into your carry-on baggage (don't check it). The scanners for carry-on luggage will not hurt film even after multiple scans. You can ask for a hand inspection, but it is time-consuming and not necessary except for specialized materials. To make things easier for the TSA, I recommend that you put all your exposed film in a ZipLoc and take it out of your carry-on for separate scanning. Same for unexposed film, but leave them in their factory-sealed boxes.

I've flown with film for years and had some go through as many as nine scans (or more) with zero problems. No worries.



John Kasaian
27-Nov-2018, 07:54
Regarding heat---around here a locked automobile gets hot enough to kill children and pets in the Summertime, however I haven't experienced any degradation of my B&W film stored under the same condition. This would be during a short term (less than 24 hours)

Jim Andrada
30-Nov-2018, 00:13
Ditto for Tucson - I sometimes forget and leave the loaded camera in the car and I've never had a problem with the film even though the (black) camera was too hot to touch. I have a lot more problems with ruining film by taking crappy photos than by laving it in the car - occasionally I'vew wished that I COULD blame the hot film for a crappy photo, but....