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15-Apr-2018, 17:47
Hello everyone, I recently purchased an anniversary speed graphic. I was hoping to hand hold it using a 90mm lens and also use it with barrel lenses for portraits. My problem is the infinity stops. In order to handhold the camera I want to be able to use the kalart rangefinder which requires precise placement of the infinity stops. The stops on this version of the camera seem to be semi fixed and dont flip out of the way like on the pacemaker. This becomes a problem because it is risky to take them on and off whenever I want to change lenses and then go back to my walkabout lens.

I have thought about replacing the bed rails with a pacemaker rail - that uses the flipdown stops. Is this feasible? Is there a different solution? Am I screwed?

HT Finley
15-Apr-2018, 18:15
You didn't say what size Graphic you have. Can't reasonably answer the question without knowing that first.

Dan Fromm
15-Apr-2018, 18:49
The bible, first edition, says:

Each camera as it leaves the factory is carefully calibrated for the infinity stop of the lens with which it is equipped. Permanence of this setting is effected by means of two small metal clamps fastened to the sliding track of the camera bed by means of small set screws. Whenever it is necessary to change the setting of the infinity stop the set screws should be loosened and the clamps reset in their new position. Resetting of the infinity stop should only be resorted to if the new setting is to be permanent. Before making the change it is good practice to make on the sliding track small marks with a fine sharp point of a needle to indicate the original position, which will facilitate resetting.

OP, if you wanted to use more than the one lens you should have bought a Pacemaker Graphic. But you're only partially screwed.

You can make, or have made, spacers to fit between the fixed infinity stop and the front standard for your 90 mm lens (standard will be behind the fixed stop) and for your longer barrel lenses (standard will be in front of the fixed stop) to position the lenses at infinity. Then focus on the ground glass.

As for using a Kalart with more than one focal length, you shot yourself in the foot. Recalibrating a Kalart in the field isn't practical.

Finley, the above is true for both sizes of Anny.

HT Finley
15-Apr-2018, 19:31
If the camera is a 4x5, set the infinity stop and Kalart for the longer lens. Make pencil marks (or similar) on the focus rail as your infinity position for the 90mm. fabricate or make focus scales for both lenses. Focus with the long lens, read off the scale for the long lens to scale-focus the 90mm. Depth of field of the 90mm on a 4x5 will give a good deal of forgiveness for the slight error involved.

Jim Jones
16-Apr-2018, 06:56
The Pacemaker focusing rails do work on the Anniversary model. You can also use either Anniversary or Pacemaker front standards on either type of focusing rails. Some photographers add a Kalart or Hugo Meyer side rangefinder to Pacemaker cameras, each calibrated for different focal lengths, for quick changeover between lenses or to accommodate a lens for which one has no top rangefinder cam. The Speed Graphic system is far more versatile than most photographers realize.