View Full Version : ID mystery Agfa film?

15-Apr-2018, 15:19
Just picked up several boxes of 4x5 film. Boxes are colored orange like the old Afga boxes. Film is labeled "T P 5 F". Also "Made in Belgium". "PROCESS IN DD1437 ONLY". Boxes contain 100 sheets of 4x5 film. Also boxes lot less tall than my boxes of Ilford HP5 plus, so assume the film must be thinner in thickness so am thinking possibly fine grain ortho or similar.

15-Apr-2018, 19:02
Hi Greg,

Sounds like you have some kind of ultra high contrast higher than lith film contrast documentary (electron microscopy?) or clinical paper.

Are you planning on experimenting with it to attain a full tonal scale, or going into clinical photopathology?

Kind regards,