View Full Version : Front mounting enlarger lenses.

12-Apr-2018, 12:52

I have a selection of apo rodagons and i'd be curious to try them out for macro work.

What are my options for front mounting them on a shutter? I dont want to modify or permanently mount them as i also need them for well...printing :-)

Is front mounting on a Copal 0/1/3 shutter feasible?

Bob Salomon
12-Apr-2018, 13:13
Get a reversing ring. Rodenstock did make them, make sure to tape over the illumination port on the base of the lens if you donít use the Rodenstock one!

12-Apr-2018, 19:57
some will mount directly in shutters.

12-Apr-2018, 22:30
The ones i have are in Leica 39 Thread, what shutter adapter combinations for those exist?

Taping over the illuminated aperture light inlet is a good point, i hadn't thought of that yet.

13-Apr-2018, 02:07
You might not need a shutter. The speeds in macro at or greater than 1 to 1 can be really long. I just reversed the lens and mounted it roughly in a copal 2 lens board, held in place by the 39mm retaining ring. Then I would focus, stop down and keep the cap on. Pull the cap off, wait a second for the vibration to stop, fire the flash, and then replace the cap. This got me good results without a shutter for my usage.