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Ben Calwell
25-Aug-2005, 11:27
I need to make a decision regarding two lenses: the 270mm G-Claron and the 300mm Nikkor f9. I shoot mainly 5x7, but I'm looking for a dual purpose lens that would serve me in the 8x10 format. My current 5x7 lens is an older 180 mm Schnieder convertible, which I also use on my 4x5. It's my understanding that the 270 G-Claron would adequately cover 8x10 and is single coated. On the other hand, I've read conflicting reports on this forum as to whether the Nikkor would cover 8x10. Some say "yes," others say "no." Jim at Midwest says "no." Comments?

Kevin Crisp
25-Aug-2005, 11:50
The 270 g Claron covers 8X10 with room to spare, a lot of room to spare as a matter of fact. Even the shorter 240 G Claron covers with significant room to spare. I haven't used the Nikkor product. With the 270mm G Claron you can probably max out the movements with the 5X7 format on most cameras and not run out of room for making a negative sharp enough to enlarge.

Christopher Perez
25-Aug-2005, 12:09
The 270mm GClaron covers 7x17 and 11x14 formats for contact print work.

If you like the idea of using a 300mm lens on 8x10, how about a 305 GClaron? Or 300mm Fuji f/8.5 C? Though I have to admit I'm a little surprised that the 300 Nikkor fails to cover 8x10 adequately for contact prints.

Ben Calwell
25-Aug-2005, 12:21
I forgot to mention that I am just doing contact prints.

25-Aug-2005, 12:38
""The 270 g Claron covers 8X10 with room to spare, a lot of room to spare as a matter of fact.""

according to the data at the following:

www.schneideroptics.com/photography/large_format_lenses/g-claron/chart.htm (http://www.schneideroptics.com/photography/large_format_lenses/g-claron/chart.htm)

on 10x8 the 270 G-Claron only has 17/14 mm of movement at f22 focused at infinity.

Steve Hamley
25-Aug-2005, 12:44
The 270mm G-Claron is a sure bet and I prefer the 270mm focal length on 8x10 over 300mm. I have a 270mm G-Claron which I use on both 4x5 and 8x10. Some people seem to think the 300mm Nikkor M has more coverage than the 300mm Fuji C and vice versa, but I don't see the community reaching a consensus here.


Oren Grad
25-Aug-2005, 13:36
I have a 270 G-Claron which I use on 8x10. The Schneider specs are very conservative - the G-Clarons gain considerable coverage as you continue to stop down beyond f/22. At f/45, the 270 can (just barely) reach as far as 7x17, and provides ample room for movement on 8x10. The 305 G-Claron, also a very compact lens and a bit easier to find, will of course cover even more, with room for movement on 7x17.

Michael Kadillak
25-Aug-2005, 14:00
The Nikon 300M is a great lens but as a Tessar design, it is clearly the best in the center. Its appeal is the small footprint, the light weight and 52mm filter size. I tried it on 8x10 (not much excess coverage on 8x10) and went to a Schneider 305 G Claron where I am swimming in illumination. The 300M is on a 5x7 lens board to stay. Kerry Thalman wrote an excellent article recently in View Camera on Tessar lenses to get into more detail if you want to explore this.

The 270 G Claron will be a great lens for you as they cover big time. For some reason they discontinued the G Claron line. Just remember to stop down with the G Claron to at least F22 to minimize lens abberations.


John Kasaian
25-Aug-2005, 14:00

I'd get the 270 G Claron. My 240 G Claron is a great performer on the 8x10---I think a 270 would just be more of the same ;-) I do have a 300 M that I use on an 8x10. Its an excellent performer but there idn't much "wiggle room" at all---not with my example anyway. In any case the Nikkor is a tessar and tessars typically get soft toward the edges if you push the envelope(oddly, the 450 M is a tessar and dosen't seem to know it---huge image circle tack sharp to the very edges) Maybe the 450 M has some little 300 M brothers that behave in like fashion---but I haven't run into any. The G Claron is an awesum lens BTW---I wish I had a 270 G! Or 305 G! Or 355 G ! Or...


Ben Calwell
25-Aug-2005, 16:27
Thanks, guys

Kevin Crisp
25-Aug-2005, 21:19
Rob: The 270 Claron has the coverage as suggested by my post and others. It is sharp enough to enlarge, not just contact print. I know what Schneider says. Per Schneider the 150 GC should not be much of a 5X7 lens but it covers with room for significant movement.