View Full Version : BAUSCH & LOMB Aero Tessar 24" f/6-610mm

11-Apr-2018, 07:23
Does any one know how this lens performs as a telephoto lens for 4x5in (I know it is very heavy just concerned about image quality)? How much extension is required to focus on infinity?

Robert Brazile
15-Apr-2018, 05:15
I have one, but haven't thought about how to use it with 4x5. Talk about hanging the camera off the lens...

As for infinity: maybe I'm missing something, but wouldn't it be... roughly 24"?


15-Apr-2018, 18:01
True Robert it is a Tessar design - so symmetrical and infinity focus would be around 24" of extension. I saw the lens today - you're right I am not going to attempt to hang it off my 5x4" camera.
Cheers Peter

Dan Fromm
15-Apr-2018, 18:59
Kanga. Tessars ain't symmetrical. Usually two singlets in front of the diaphragm, a cemented doublet behind. A few tessar types place the diaphragm between the singlets and a few are turned around, doublet in front.

About mounting big heavy lenses on view cameras. The standard approach, if the rail or bed is long enough, is to put a crutch between rail or bed and the lens. I use several crutches. A piece of plexiglass (lucite, perspex, acrylic) that is miraculously the right thickness goes between my 2x3 Pacemaker Speed Graphic's bed's crosspiece and my 12"/4 TTH Telephoto (ex-AGI F.139). A modified 4x5 Cambo standard (function carrier machined into a "U" shape that fits the lens) to support my 900/10 Apo-Saphir on my failed Baby Bertha and 4x5 Cambo. Baby's SLR module is supported by an inexpensive lab jack that fits between rail and camera. This will also do very well for supporting the 900 and was much less expensive than the scrap standard and machining.

16-Apr-2018, 17:14
Hi Dan,
Thanks for the correction on tessars and the information on mounting very heavy lenses. I think that I will be happy enough with the RF3 300/10. I've got enough bits and pieces to carry into the field.
Cheers Kanga