View Full Version : Gundlach-Manhattan Turner-Reich Anastigmat lens Serial 84468 12IN Brass

9-Apr-2018, 11:10
Hi There - I am going through my dad's photography equipment and have this lens that I'm trying to define on the list of items I am logging.
I can't figure out which series it is and what the approx value would be. I don't see any other detail except that's in the title of this post.

I was trying to find a site that I could use to look up the serial number but haven't found one.

Thanks very much

Oren Grad
9-Apr-2018, 11:45
Welcome to the Forum! A gentle reminder that, per Forum guidelines, valuation requests are not allowed. However, advice on how to identify lenses is certainly within scope for us - please do feel free to pursue that, and good luck!

William Whitaker
9-Apr-2018, 11:56
Dear Sneaky Elaine,

Ebay completed auctions remains your best bet. Use the advanced search option.


Louis Pacilla
9-Apr-2018, 12:00
Your lens sounds like a Gundlach Series II Convertible 8x10 12" f6.8 and as to value (by the rules of the LFPF you joined as a rule we do not do valuations. Sorry.

The Gundlach TR's Series II can be a great a lens but because of the 5x elements per cell they where hard to glue up perfectly. So they can vary a bit from sample to sample. I have a few TR's and like them a lot but they are a PLENTIFUL lens and therefor not rare or all that valuable but,,,,, they do have value. Here's a link to a 1930/40 Gundlach Catalog and if you go to it the first several pages go over the Turner-Reich Series II lens.http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/korona_2.html

Go to eBay and search your Gundlach Series II TR 12" f6.8 lens out in ((((completed)))) listings and you'll get an idea of what the value may be. Also condition is important as to if your TR lens is on the low end of the value or high end. But again, even the high end Gundlach TR's don't sell for big bucks so the high is not all that high.((Don't quit your day job;)))

9-Apr-2018, 18:19
Thank you everybody for you comments and information. I really appreciate it.

9-Apr-2018, 18:20
Thanks very much-I now have the detail I was missing. Elaine