View Full Version : Replenishing HC 110

Fred L
8-Apr-2018, 19:36
So Kodak no longer manufactures HC 110 replenisher, so I'm curious if anyone has experience replenishing Kodak HC 110 with LegacyPro L110R B&W Liquid Film Developer Replenisher. Freestyle says L110 is same as HC110 which leads me to this question. Asking because I'm wondering if replenished HC 110 is worth adding to my darkroom toolkit (which is Rodinal, PMK and HC110).


edit-read more fine print and Freestyle says this can't be used with HC 110, only L110 (which is much less expensive than Kodak's product).

Keith Pitman
8-Apr-2018, 19:50
Why bother? HC110 is cheap.

8-Apr-2018, 20:11
Why bother? HC110 is cheap.


Mark Sampson
8-Apr-2018, 21:59
No need to replenish any developer unless you have something like a high-volume sink line- and are processing hundreds of sheets (or rolls) a week. And then you want to run control strips (does EK still offer those?) every day and keep careful plots- which means a densitometer and the skills to use it. Been there, done that, in more than one lab. It was good discipline, a pleasure to see a month's worth of plots that showed consistency (and good for business too), but total overkill for those of us doing (x) volume of personal photography.

Fred L
9-Apr-2018, 05:12
thanks for the input everyone ! I've never been a replenisher but I have two bottles of it so was thinking of putting them to good use. Perhaps they'll stay in the shelve a bit longer ;)