View Full Version : ULF FP4 and HP5

Rob Vinnedge
24-Aug-2005, 21:12
Ilford has indicated that they are considering the possibility of providing film for the ULF community if we spread the word. They suggest that we register our wishes on the Ilford website at www.ilford.com. (see their forum). They need to hear from all of us.

Pete Watkins
25-Aug-2005, 12:24
'ere we go lads! Using Robs website address for Ilford I sent them an E-mail asking about the companies commitment to U.K. users of ULF sheet film (11 x 14 in my case) and the message came back as a deliverey failure. I feel that this shows that such a successful and profitable company as Ilford feel that they can carry on their highly regarded and superbly managed buisness without the support of their home market. Anybody want to place a bet on when the recievers move in again?

Rob Vinnedge
25-Aug-2005, 13:59
I should mention that once you reach the website, click on to the Ilfopro Members page and then go to Cafe Ilfopro Forums. There you will find the posting from Ilford, which asks for input on possible ULF film sizes.

Barry Wilkinson
25-Aug-2005, 16:09
A posting today on the forum reads: -


"Once we're ready and have a timetable, we'll let everyone know via a posting here at this site.

Now, depending on the response we get we may or may not be able to justify such as run --- so it's critical that you spread the word to other sites! Anyone who's interested must register at ILFOPRO so that we have a working e-mail address to be able to confirm product type and quantities.

More details will be posted as they become available".


I would have thought that someone at Ilford could spend a little time searching for the LF Forums around the net?