View Full Version : Odd Prontor Press No.1 shutter w/Rodenstock 135mm f/5.6 Sironar lens

6-Apr-2018, 16:10
I have a Prontor Press shutter that appears to be "normal", but the shutter speed ring won't move off the bulb setting. I opened up the shutter to find that it doesn't have an escapement, and the speed ring is held from turning by a screw installed from underneath the top casing. This all looks to me to be "from the factory" and I also have the matching Rodenstock box. The lens is a 135mm f5.6 Sironar. The aperture scale is correct, the speed ring has all speeds engraved. The lens and shutter are very clean and appear not to have been tampered with.

The box carries the correct description, serial number (ca. 1972) and a catalog number: 11.135.23.

I removed the screw and testing the shutter I found that it delivers a consistent 1/30 sec when taken off of bulb. So I'll use this lens at least on a Speed Graphic and perhaps on other cameras, so although I'm surprised and a bit dismayed that it's not what it appears to be, I'll get some use out of it.

Any thoughts about why this lens/shutter combination was marketed, I would find entertaining.