View Full Version : HP5 4x5 in Rodinal 1:200 stand starting point

24-Aug-2005, 18:28
If you get N for HP5 in Rodinal 1:50 for 10 minutes with 2 inversions every minute in combi plan tank, or in my case probably N-1/2 since I have always used ISO 400 emulsions in high contrast scenes, how long would you dvelope in 1:200 with no agitation? I have always rated HP5 at 160 in Rodinal. Will appreciate any suggestions.

24-Aug-2005, 18:49
I do AXP 100, but it really makes no difference with any film at 1:200 - if you have just enough developer to cover the reels/tank, for example, 1 120 roll in a one-roll tank or six 4x5 in a 6-sheet tank - the point is the developer under these circumstances exhausts in 40 minutes. Develop for 40 or 60 minutes with no agitation. No appreciable difference.

ISO 100, agitate once at the begining (rap to remove bubbles), once again at 15 minutes. N-1

25-Aug-2005, 02:02
I must second JJ's answer. HP5+ and TRI-X 320, both rated @200 ASA in Rodinal 1+200 for 50 minutes in stand development.