View Full Version : Color head with multi grade paper

Michael Wellman
6-Apr-2018, 11:50
I have access to a color head for printing. I was wondering how I can use it for printing B&W multigrade paper? thanks

Bob Salomon
6-Apr-2018, 12:02
You use the yellow or the magenta filters. How much will depend on the paper brand.

John Layton
6-Apr-2018, 12:28
The last teaching darkroom I cobbled together featured a veritable rogues-gallery of enlargers...one of which was a Beseler with a color head. Found this used with an instruction manual, which included a chart on how the various color settings translated to multigrade filter equivalents. Worked! Maybe the same data would be available for your setup?

6-Apr-2018, 12:53
Most papers come with a little instruction sheet that also lists filtration for two or three types of color heads. Like Bob said, you use magenta for hard grades and yellow for the soft ones. White (0y 0m) is about grade 2. Don't touch the cyan dial; leave it at 0.

6-Apr-2018, 13:53
I've been using the table in this Ilford pdf (https://www.ilfordphoto.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Contrast-control-for-Ilford-Multigrade.pdf) and it works fine for me. No need to overcomplicate things, it's really very easy.

Greg Y
6-Apr-2018, 14:49
Works like a charm. I've got a Durst 138 with a color head & use it to print BW. As mentioned, most papers have a sheet included which lists various enlarger settings.

6-Apr-2018, 17:21
Ha, I asked nearly an identical question a week or so ago on pentax forums. Glad to see the answers lined up! :)


Michael Wellman
6-Apr-2018, 21:45
Thank you one and all. This is such a great forum