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6-Apr-2018, 09:48
An "atmospheric river" whose perceptible water content is "25 times that of the Mississippi river" according to the NWS has forced the park to close today at 5PM until further notice: https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Park-service-closing-access-to-Yosemite-Valley-as-12810965.php


John Kasaian
6-Apr-2018, 13:10
The Valley is really crowded right now.
Yesterday it took 4 hours just to drive the loop around the Valley.
It will be interesting to see how they'll get the place evacuated.
The storm is supposed to pass sometime Sunday so if there is no calamity things should get back to normal then.
The big concerns will be washed out culverts closing roads and the possibility of a slide damming the Merced.
A flood watch is in effect from Yosemite down to Kings Canyon
Good news is that the snow level is up to 10,000' and the rain is relatively warm, so maybe Tioga will get a shot at an early opening.

The weather in the Sierra is as unpredictable as a baby's bottom.

Drew Wiley
6-Apr-2018, 13:15
Good news??? Not if you're a farmer. A heavy warm rain just strips the snow bank of needed melt water in summer. Oh well, Fresno and LA don't need all those swimming pools anyway. Go to the high country to get cool instead. The mosquitoes need feeding.

Peter Collins
6-Apr-2018, 17:12
And you are an authority on babies' bottoms, too?

Drew Wiley
7-Apr-2018, 11:47
I do know a thing or two about that snowpack. I grew up there and have cumulatively foot traveled thousands of miles of the high country. I've formally studied and researched both fluvial and glacial geomorphology. And my dad was in charge of the original canal that took water south and started the modern version of Calif water wars (in contrast to the earlier Owens Valley war). So yes, I do know an awful lot about this subject the public does not. Incidentally, John K.'s own father worked on that project too.

John Kasaian
7-Apr-2018, 12:09
My ranger pal in Yosemite informed us that Housekeeping Camp (Camp 16 for us geezers) is under water and the water level is expected to rise another 5'
Aramark employees must be enjoying a lot of togetherness on the 3rd floor of employee housing!

John Kasaian
7-Apr-2018, 15:37
Extremely high winds forecast for the higher elevations.
All those dead trees up there are potential widow makers.
Stay safe!

7-Apr-2018, 16:18
Tiger Creek near me is up 2 inches and the foot path along Bog Iron Marsh is so muddy you have to go around the sycamore tree to get to the Deer Path. In case anyone needs to know.

John Kasaian
9-Apr-2018, 07:58
Yosemite Valley has been reopened to visitors!

John Kasaian
9-Apr-2018, 20:20
Video from a local station

12-Apr-2018, 10:52

A video from the park service.

13-Apr-2018, 11:01

A video from the park service.

Very cool video. Thanks for sharing Tim.


John Kasaian
27-Apr-2018, 20:54
The latest I heard----in preparation for the expected flood at the Housekeeping Camp, the mattresses on the lower beds were supposed to have been stacked on the upper bunks well above the flood waters.
They weren't and by now are probably a mattress Armada exiting the Golden Gate.
To open the Housekeeping Camp on time, a crew was sent to Tuolumne Meadows to pick up the mattresses stored there, in a trailer.
The crew found the trailer and trucked it down to the valley.
When the trailer was opened, it was---fully loaded---with---firewood. LOL!

Drew Wiley
28-Apr-2018, 14:45
Why does none of this surprise me?