View Full Version : Submitting film to magazine procedure

Michael Joubert
24-Aug-2005, 15:00
I am submitting images to be published in a magazine and was wondering what the standard procedure is so far as the film is concerned. Do magazines usually return the transparencies or should I send the dup's and keep the original?

Brian Vuillemenot
24-Aug-2005, 15:06
It depends on the magazine- be sure to ask the photo editor exactly what they want before you send in your work. They may accept high quality scans, but will probably want originals, not dupes. I would definately not submit anything to a magazine unless I was sure that it was going to be returned! Good luck!

24-Aug-2005, 15:06
NEVER send originals (without a fat check in your pocket)!

QT Luong
24-Aug-2005, 15:19
Is the submission solicited or not ? Many magazines decline any responsability for unsolicited materials. As far as I am concerned, I do not submit film for selection anymore, only for production, and after having someone fax me back this pre-delivery memo (http://www.terragalleria.com/originals-request-form.pdf) (PDF link).

QT Luong
24-Aug-2005, 15:43
As a PS, feel free to reuse my memo's language if you wish. These days, most everybody accepts digital submissions. Over the last year, only GEO requested film (and they did sign the memo).

Janko Belaj
24-Aug-2005, 17:46
Brian, if you have a decent (calibrated (http://www.aim-dtp.net/aim/" target="blank)) computer, I have found that it is the best way to send high quality scans with form similar to that one of QT Luong. I just have different line in capital letters (will tray to translate it with my limited english): any impact on photography (like retouching and cropping) is highly prohibited without my written permission... and than goes part about possible financial compensation.

By high quality scan I mean scan sized as requested or even few percents larger, L*a*b colour space (no need for ICC profile of my scanner or film), 16-bit/channel uncompressed tiff. If I know possible printing house, I will add separated 8-bit/channel CMYK document, as most of print houses here work on Scitex film or plate setters I save that document as *.sct (scitex proprietary format).

24-Aug-2005, 17:50
Never, never, never, never, Ever, ever, ever, submit your originals. No matter how much a publication may bitch and whine, always submit dupes for publication. There is always a chance they will lose your one-of-a-kind original, or worse, mangle it in production of the magazine. If they take digital submissions, all the better.

Michael Joubert
24-Aug-2005, 21:33
Thank you all for your contributions. I appreciate it very much. Obviously this is an area of photography I have yet much to learn, I'm just starting out and occasionally do work for a local real estate agent photographing houses for luxury home magazine spreads. Are there any resources/sites I can look up more info on the topic of copy right/legal type issues? I'm assuming there are articles on this site but haven't yet had a look.