View Full Version : Sinar lensboard to fit Cambo SCX

Michael Joubert
24-Aug-2005, 13:42
I would like to know if a Sinar lensboard would fit my Cambo SCX. I plan on renting a lens from the local photo shop and it is mounted on a Sinar lensboard.



Oren Grad
24-Aug-2005, 14:58
No, you would need an adapter board to fit a Sinar-mounted lens on a Cambo.

Dean Tomasula
24-Aug-2005, 17:47
No. The Sinar leandboards are too large to fit the Cambo. The Sinars are about 6 inches and the Cambo boards are about 4 inches.

Oren Grad
24-Aug-2005, 18:24
Actually, I think the SCX uses the standard Cambo (not Cadet series) boards that are 6 3/8" square, and the Sinar boards are about 5 1/2" square. Cambo (and Calumet) offer an adapter to fit Sinar boards - Calumet lists it as being in stock at the moment, if you're really desperate.

Michael Joubert
24-Aug-2005, 21:37
Thanks for your responses. I appreciate it very much! This is all I need to know. I was hoping to rent a lens from the local photo store but it is mounted on a sinar lensboard. I will have to figure something else out.