View Full Version : Jos. Schneider & Co, Kreuznach - No118 - Doppel Anastigmat "Claron" 1:6 135mm lens

4-Apr-2018, 04:21
Does anyone have any information on this lens? I have done a few searches, but I haven't found anything about this particular lens.

Dan Fromm
4-Apr-2018, 05:36
The VM says:

Frerk mentions a Doppel Anastigmat Claron with regret since it was then (1926) not in production. It
was made under D.R.P. 250,731 and gave process quality stopped down, and covered 65 at f6 and 85 at
small apertures. Thus an 18cm lens covered 18x24cm,and the single cells were excellent used alone. The
design was barium light flint with heavy crown glass, and extra light flint for the inners. As a Casket set with
unequal cells it worked at f6.5 max. and was made under D.R.G.M. 50,257, where the design showed the
aperture in use directly.

Paul Ewins
4-Apr-2018, 17:21
It sounds like the first version of the Claron which went out of production in 1921. Schneider made a few prototype f9 Apochromatic Clarons at that time (and a few more in late 1945) but then you don't see the Claron name again until the 1960s. I haven't seen any english advertising prior to this time, so you would need to search german language sources for any clues as to its construction. At no 118 it is going to be very interesting to a Schneider enthusiast like me, but probably not much value photographically.

4-Apr-2018, 22:06
Thank you very much Dan Fromm and Paul Ewins for this information, it is valuable knowledge for me.