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3-Apr-2018, 08:59
Does anyone use a Fujinon T 400mm on an Intrepid 4x5? I'm wondering how stable it is on the front standard, and even though the camera should support it with bellows draw, does it?


12-Apr-2018, 19:15

Mark Darragh
16-Apr-2018, 03:10
Since no one else has responded regarding the 400T and the Intrepid, I’ll share my experience using the 400T on a Toho 4x5 which is also a very light 4x5. I have not used an Intrepid so take these comments in that context.

By nature of its design, the 400T is quite front heavy and that is an certainly an issue on the Toho. Combined with the bellows extension required, camera vibration is a very real problem. I found have found the combination usable in calm or sheltered conditions with the camera mounted on a tripod with a bit of heft (e.g. a Gitzo series 3) but I would be hesitant to try it with a light-weight tripod.

The Intrepid is quite a different design to the Toho but you are likely to find similar challenges. You do have the advantage of having a choice of tripod mounts which would balance the lens better.

All the best

16-Apr-2018, 08:16
Thank you very much for the information.