View Full Version : Replacement bellows for Linhof kardan color 18x24

30-Mar-2018, 11:40
Hello, could you guys help me as I am not sure if replacement linhof 8x10 bellows sold on ebay will fit on the 8x10 kardan color, as they have no indication for which model they are made.
Or if you have some other place where to buy bellows for 8x10 kardan color please let me know.


Bob Salomon
30-Mar-2018, 11:58
Kardan Color 45S, Kardan JBL, Kardan E, GTL, GT, TE, TL and similar - yes.

If you are referring to the original Kardan models - no.

Tin Can
31-Mar-2018, 04:52
I have several Linhof kardan Color cameras Both 5X7 and 8X10. One is/was NOS. Stored since new in a fitted Linhof case.

The original bellows are amazing in their delicate shaping, folds, material and fit. Nothing compares. When, not if, I need new bellows I will approach Custom Bellows UK. The only game for this quality. But I doubt they will duplicate Linhof OE.

PM if more discussion is desired.