View Full Version : Wollensak Verito 83/4" Shutter?

30-Mar-2018, 00:10
What shutters can this lens be mounted in?


William Whitaker
30-Mar-2018, 08:42
You have a number of possibilities. A Betax shutter is probably what the lens would have had originally, if it had a shutter (although a Studio shutter is more likely).
My own 8 3/4" Verito is in an Ilex #4 Universal. It's a good fit and works well, although I would prefer an Ilex Acme. But that's not important. That's the size shutter you're looking for. Other shutters (Alphax, Compound, etc.) can be adapted, of course, by a skilled machinist, so take your pick.

30-Mar-2018, 09:43
Thanks for the reply Will. The Betas #5 is too large to fit on a Toyo 110mm board without a front extender which likely have to be custom made. Igor said the lens will mount easily on the Toyo board but I would have to use it as a barrel lens which I don't want to do so he' s canceling the sale and refunding my money to PayPal. I'll stick with my Imagons for the 4x5 fields and have a Veritar for the big cameras and the Pentax soft focus for the smaller cameras.


William Whitaker
30-Mar-2018, 09:48
OK. Well, there's some more information I didn't know.
FWIW, my Verito in the #4 Ilex is mounted on a common Technika-style lensboard, so [with adapters] fits across any of my cameras I might want to use it on. If it fits the Technika board, it should fit your Toyo board.

30-Mar-2018, 09:55
I just called and left a voice message for Adam to see if it was possible. If so, I'll probably go forward with the Verito after all.


William Whitaker
30-Mar-2018, 10:32
Please let the forum know what you find. It should be of general interest here. Good luck!

30-Mar-2018, 10:48
Adam hasn't called back yet. I caked Igor right after to let him know that I was checking to see if an #4 Ilex would work but he had already refunded the money to paypal. Igor said he didn't know if the Ilex would work. That's the problem with purchasing something without first seeing it but Igor is a good person to do business with. When his ad said that you needed a 100mm board to mount the lens I jumped to the conclusion that that the 110mm Toyo board would work with the shuttered version which he had in a Betax shutter


30-Mar-2018, 11:16
Mine is in a Betax No. 4. It fits on a pretty small lensboard, but I think my board is larger than 4"

William Whitaker
30-Mar-2018, 11:52

It's going to depend to some degree on the light trap structure on the back of the board. Generally if the rear cell will extend through the board without interfering with the light trap, then you're OK. I'm pretty sure you'll be fine anyway.
If you need some measurements, let me know. Just understand that I have exactly one copy of this lens and any measurements I get may or may not be appropriate to your particular situation. ~W

30-Mar-2018, 11:56
Here is one without a shutter on my speed graphic which has the wooden 4" lensboard if you need to see the size of the lens.