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29-Mar-2018, 09:18
Im wondering if someone who owns this lens can help me out. I recently got an amazing deal on one of these and I am obviouslty quite excited about it. Outfitting it with 95mm filters is no cheap task. I was able to pick up 3 nos nikon filters for a good deal. The issue is that the filter actually touches the front element of the lens. They make contact before the threads grab so its not even close. The glass on the filters do appear to be very close the rear edge but without another 95mm filter on hand Im not sure if the issue is specific to these filters or if I may run into this with others as well. It occured to me that there may be a product that threads into the lens and essentially moved the treads further out but with such a wide angle lens I think this would be a poor solution.

Any help from someone who has put filters on this lens would be appreciated.
Thanks much

Bob Salomon
29-Mar-2018, 09:30
Heliopan mounts their glass further forward then other filter manufacturers to eliminate this problem with the vast majority of lenses.

29-Mar-2018, 09:41
Thank you thats good to know. I guess that is what you get for an extra $200! ;)

Bob Salomon
29-Mar-2018, 09:54
Thank you thats good to know. I guess that is what you get for an extra $200! ;)

One of the things, better glass, better coatings, brass mounts, etc. all add up.

29-Mar-2018, 10:11
I use a Haida 150mm system, which is a lot like the LEE 150 filter system.
The 95mm ring attaches to the lens which attaches to the filter holder, and the holder keeps filters a few mm away from the lens' surface.
Also by going with a 150mm filter, any mechanical vignetting (all too easy with the 150XL) is greatly reduced or eliminated.

29-Mar-2018, 10:12
Im sure thats all true but trying to buy 3-4 95mm filters really adds up quickly. Do you happen to know if B+W is built with the glass further foward?

Steve Goldstein
29-Mar-2018, 10:15
Buy the cheapest rattiest 95mm filter you can find and take out the glass, then use the ring as a spacer for mounting your filters.

29-Mar-2018, 10:16
Yes I am considering a filter holder but having never used one I am partial to screw in filters. I suppose I could have a 95mm holder as well as a 67mm holder for my other two lens and consolidate filters. Square filters is just a world I have never explored so I have to do some research.
Thanks for the tip.

Bob Salomon
29-Mar-2018, 10:16
Im sure thats all true but trying to buy 3-4 95mm filters really adds up quickly. Do you happen to know if B+W is built with the glass further foward?

No, they are not.

29-Mar-2018, 10:30
The spacer idea would be great because I already have 3 nice filters but Im concerned about vingetting with a 105 degree lens angle. But maybe I dont understand the physics. Would it just limit my movements or would it possibly vingette?
Thanks again

Mark Sampson
29-Mar-2018, 10:39
Using an empty filter ring as a spacer sounds like a good idea, and not very expensive. Only actual testing will tell you if it vignettes or not.

29-Mar-2018, 10:49
The simplest solution probably is to obtain any type of not expensive, broken, scratched, or used old filter with 95 mm tread ( you need just one), remove the glass and use metal part as an extension ring. Cokin actually produced that type of extension rings with the same diameter for in and out tread, but just only a few sizes. Check if they have 95mm. And last thing to order the custom made transition ring, and here you can find a person who can made it for you not very expensive http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?144204-New-source-for-lens-flanges .

Steve Goldstein
29-Mar-2018, 10:53
In a sense vignetting is always what limits your movements. Assuming no bellows sag, you'll always lose the corners first with extreme movements because the lens itself eventually vignettes (or goes soft, depending on the lens design). So yes, a spacer will cause you to lose corners sooner, but whether it's an issue depends on what format you're using and what you're doing. The 150SSXL covers 386mm so you've got a decent amount of movement on 8x10 and might not notice the loss unless you do architectural or other work that requires a lot of movements at infinity. I can't see it being an issue on anything smaller than 8x10.

If you can find a junk filter just try it and see. At worst you'll be out small money. I'll be happy to buy the spacer ring from you if you don't want it.

Mark Stahlke
29-Mar-2018, 11:06
I recommend also replacing the lens caps with S. K. Grimes lens caps. The Schneider front lens cap can contact the lens element.

Bernice Loui
29-Mar-2018, 19:20
The 110mm SSXL has a similar problem of the highest area of the front element not clearing some tread on fiters.

One of the easier ways to deal with this problem is to put a 95mm to 105mm or 122mm step ring between the SSXL front to larger filter.

Or use a much larger square filter system or Sinar 103mm glass filter system.

This is a really excellent modern wide angle lens that covers 8x10 with ease as a wide angle or moderate wide angle on 5x7, definitely a keeper.