View Full Version : Charleston and Savanna---Photo people

Raymond Bleesz
29-Mar-2018, 06:47
For those who might know, perhaps share with me photo people, galleries, instructors, in Charleston and Savanna as I will be arriving there next week.

Anyone know the photo people at the Savanna Inst of Art?

Thank you

29-Mar-2018, 09:56
Are you looking for instructors, as in classes? Or are you looking for photo opportunities? I met some folks at SCAD Atlanta and have some friends with connections to SCAD Savannah but don't know them personally.

For photos, Savannah is pretty easy - River Street, the Squares, the Cathedral of John the Baptist is a favorite, oh and the cemeteries, if you are into that kind of thing. Tybee Island is close too. I actually haven't been to Savannah in years now but need to go again...

I just went to Charleston last month. Only scratched the surface I suppose but there's similar stuff downtown to other port cities like Savannah. I didn't make it to Fort Sumter but that's a popular place, and don't forget Sullivan's Island. Another thing I missed but is very popular is the Angel Oak, SW of town.

It really depends on what you want to shoot...

30-Mar-2018, 06:41
I am going to Charleston on the 6th of April for a long weekend with my camera club and wondering if the azaleas, dogwood and trees starting their new leaves are gettng close to peak or still buds? Hopefully we will get to Angel Oak and the other gardens in the area! Any suggestions for photography would help!