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29-Mar-2018, 05:57
Our own Mathieu Bauwens in Belgium is publishing a book, available on a European Kickstarter-type of page: https://www.kisskissbankbank.com/fr/projects/myosotis
I've long admired Mathieu's work and his dedication to his craft, so if you can buy a copy of his book (as I did), you'd be greatly helping another forum member and talented photog.

mathieu Bauwens
29-Mar-2018, 11:48
Hey, many thanks Ari.

These book was realised with 4x5 camera on sheet film.

It tells my relation to the linguistical border in Belgium that seperates two linguistacal communities ; french et dutsch spoken people. I also realised this project just after my little girl was borns. I suppose it tells also something about what is to be a parent.

Any help well, helps... So you are warmly welcome to this fund raising campaign.

Although texts are in French and Dutsch, I think pictures tell thigns for themselve. But if you need some translation, we can find solutions.

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29-Mar-2018, 12:43
Ari, how much is the book? I could not figure it out from the link you gave. Thanks, L

29-Mar-2018, 15:18
Hi Luis,
I bought the signed and numbered book, with shipping, for €32,00.
Click on the blue rectangle ("Soutenir Ce Projet") and you'll get list of options from €5 to €185. The book starts at €32, and up from that you'll also get prints of various sizes.
Good luck to Mathieu!

mathieu Bauwens
30-Mar-2018, 07:58
Luis, if you have any difficulties going through the process, please contact me.

mathieu Bauwens
4-Apr-2018, 07:34
54% so far.

Let's continue https://www.kisskissbankbank.com/fr/projects/myosotis

mathieu Bauwens
6-Apr-2018, 11:40

Let's continue like that ; https://www.kisskissbankbank.com/fr/projects/myosotis

mathieu Bauwens
9-Apr-2018, 00:43

mathieu Bauwens
11-Apr-2018, 13:01
111% !

mathieu Bauwens
15-Apr-2018, 11:43
Let me introduce you to my new photographic project; a photographic exploration of my own country following an inner border that seperate two communities because of their langage.

"Belgium, during the summer of 2014, after a political party advocating the disappearance of the country came to power, I wondered about the physical reality of this line of separation, so I decided to go to the discovery of this border and looking for couples who live this language difference on a daily basis."

To see more pictures ;

Or to contribute to the book ;

Many, many thanks.