View Full Version : Thin plate glass - $1 at at bargain store

28-Mar-2018, 16:46
Not sure if this is helpful to anyone for coating with emulsion, but Dollar Tree has frames with glass in common sizes. Being cheap, the glass is thin. From my local store, the glass removed from the frame measures 1.3mm. Price: $1

Nodda Duma
28-Mar-2018, 18:20
1.3mm (0.050) Ive found is about the right size for dry plate, matching well measurements that I made on originals.


Paul Ron
29-Mar-2018, 05:11
good heads up. ive been buying kmarts broken pictures just for the glass. their large poster sized pictures are a gold mine selling for a few bucks and most times the broken glass is only a small portion i can sub divide.