View Full Version : Looking for great process and scan lab for C41 or thoughts on switching to E6

27-Mar-2018, 21:43
I'm assisting a photographer who is working on a project using 8x10 color images of beaches along the pacific coast. The images have large areas of sky and water. He is currently using C41 film and we've been having some issues with the labs we've been trying out, we get some purple edges here and there and some spots etc. To my understanding this is due to an extremely short processing time with C41.

His plan is to print very large so every defect is very important.

Basically my questions:

Does anyone knows a great C41 lab that would help to eliminate these issues?

Can they also provide high quality scans, possibly providing "proof scans" followed by drum scans?

Should we just switch to E6 where we could get a longer processing time.

28-Mar-2018, 09:39
Check out ICON in LA.

Drew Wiley
28-Mar-2018, 10:05
8x10 C41 is no longer available in the SF Bay area. There's an outfit in San Clemente that still offers it. E6 film has quite a different color and contrast response. But first make sure those problems aren't due to light leaks - easy to get if someone tugs on the back frame of the camera too much when pulling or re-inserting a darkslide, or if the back is a bit warped. Is this someone relatively new to 8x10?

Eric Leppanen
28-Mar-2018, 10:45
Roughly ten years ago I got mottling on my processed 8x10 C-41 negs when using a couple LA labs (my understanding is that it was due to agitation issues in their dip-and-dunk tanks). I then started sending my negs to Edgar Praus in Rochester and had no further problems. His turn-around time is relatively fast despite being across the country from me. Highly recommended.

I've never used him for scanning so I'm not sure if he can help you there. If you are looking for best of breed C-41 drum scans then I would suggest contacting Lenny Eiger.

28-Mar-2018, 10:47
Just send the film to Praus in NY. Priority mail gets it anywhere in 2 days. negative film will have a very much more flexible dynamic range and you can increase contrast as needed if scanning.

2-Apr-2018, 11:51
Sounds like Praus is the way to go! Going to give it a shot.