View Full Version : 210 G Claron Aperture Scale

G Benaim
27-Mar-2018, 01:16

I own a 210 g claron mounted in a copal 1 shutter that's missing its aperture scale, was hoping one of you can upload a photo of one and perhaps help me make this little lens functional. I seem to remember Jim Galli once uploaded such a scale for one of the clarons but couldn't find it. Thanks in advance


G Benaim
27-Mar-2018, 21:12
Might someone upload a scan of their aperture scale? My shutter is not the press type but the copal 1 w silver ring. How do I upload photos from my phone?

28-Mar-2018, 00:50
my advice: get a caliper gauge, divide the focal length by the different fstops (f.ex. 210/9, 210/11 etc..) and match the results, mark the positions of the aperture lever with a marker pen.