View Full Version : Photography in Perth Australia | Best Places to Take a Photo in Perth

26-Mar-2018, 23:50
Perth is pretty as a picture. Whether you want that perfect shot for the family album or to make your friends jealous of
your holiday via your Instagram account, here are some of Perth’s best photo spots to capture the very photogenic city!

Kings Park
Swan Valley
Elizabeth Quay
Hyde Park

27-Mar-2018, 07:16
I watch all the American shows on TV about Australia. Isn't the place crawling with poisonous snakes of every kind?:eek: :)

Kent in SD

27-Mar-2018, 07:33
No the streets are pretty safe as far as snakes go (except for the hoop snakes). The blood sucking Koalas and punching Kangaroos that lurk on every corner are a bit of a handfull