View Full Version : Sinar Six batteries

25-Mar-2018, 14:44
Any recommendations on replacement batteries? It looks like it takes 2, is that correct? I assume this can be used on any camera.

Jerry Bodine
26-Mar-2018, 15:49
According to the Sinar literature I've saved, they offered two different systems for metering at the film plane: the SINARSIX-digital and the PROFI-select TTL. Assuming that you have the non-digital type, it seems to be a contraption that's practical only for studio use with 4x5 format.

1. The TTL is an attachment with a movable probe that can be used in combination with a Gossen PROFISIX hand-held exposure meter.
2. The TTL is an adapter that fits on a standard PROFISIX meter in the same way as other Gossen accessory attachments (PROFI-flash, PROFI-color, etc.).
3. Inserting the probe into the camera for spot readings at the film plane requires the Sinar metering back. And if IIRC, also requires the bellows designed for the metering back.
4. The probe is powered by the basic PROFISIX meter by its 9-volt alkaline battery (good for up to 500 readings).

A more lengthy description of working with this device is shown as well.