View Full Version : Which of these lenses are better than what I have now?

24-Mar-2018, 10:37
I went to pick up a free Jobo CCP2 with lift handle and the guy also had a Sinar F1 with Grandigon-N f4.5 90mm MC, Sinaron-S f5.6 210mm MC and a Symmar-S f5.6 150mm MC so I bought it. The lenses I have now are a Computar Symmetrigon f6.3 210mm and a Fujinon-SW f8 90mm that I use with a Wista 45DX. I think I already know the answer but I thought I would get the forums opinions and tips on using them. My head tells me to use the lenses that came with the Sinar with my Wista and sell the Sinar with the other 2 lenses. I also have a Kodak 2D 5x7 camera and wonder would any of the new lenses cover 5x7 with little or no movements.

Bob Salomon
24-Mar-2018, 11:02
Keep the new lenses, the 90 and 210 easily cover 57.

24-Mar-2018, 12:38

Regarding the coverage of any of the lenses you reference, FYI if you go out to the LF Home Page tab above and scroll down to the links for references on Lenses, there are "comparison charts" available that provide a lot of useful data for most LF lenses you might be considering. There are charts there for each film format, including 4x5in and 5x7in, including coverage.

Doremus Scudder
25-Mar-2018, 01:14
Definitely get rid of your Computar f/6.3 210mm; the Sinaron is a better design with more coverage.

As for the 90mm lenses; you'll need to make the choice between big, heavy, more coverage and smaller, lightweight and less coverage. The Fujinon SW you have is likely just as good optically as the Grandagon. I've chosen to go lightweight for my work, which involves a lot of hiking. A 90mm f/8 SW is the largest lens in my kit. However, if you need the extra coverage and the weight isn't an issue, then the Grandagon is a no-brainer. Or, you could keep both 90s :)


30-Mar-2018, 05:49
Hello ,
The Grandagon-N f4.5 90mm MC, if performing as expected, could be your best lens.

30-Mar-2018, 15:40
Why don’t you try them and see what you think-that’s all that matters anyway!

Dan Fromm
30-Mar-2018, 15:51
Why don’t you try them and see what you think-that’s all that matters anyway!

Luis, don't carp. You should be flattered that the OP thinks your opinion is better than his.