View Full Version : Paterson Thermo-Drum 1216 for 8x10" film processing?

Tim V
23-Mar-2018, 21:26
Hi all,

I've been given a new, old stock Paterson Thermo-Drum 12x16" print processor with motor drive. I'm wondering if anyone out there has used one of these units (or the smaller 8x10" equivilent) to process 8x10" sheet film?
I'm new to processing 8x10" film, but have had a lot of experience in smaller formats; just never used a rotary processor before, so know nothing about the possibility of it.

I'd be keen to use it to process 8x10" C-41 sheet film, and wouldn't mind doing one sheet at a time to assure consistency. Anyone got experience in this area, with this setup or something similar?