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23-Mar-2018, 15:46
Picked this lens up recently because, well, I was impressed by its size. Measures about about 4 inches long, 3.5 inch diameter across the front and 2.75 inches diameter across the rear. Weighs 2lbs 14 ounces, so pretty hefty.

My assumption was that it was a process lens of some sort but it seems to have been pulled out of whatever casing/camera that once held it and that may have displayed the identifying information

The serial number “EM7976” is engraved on the front middle and rear sections—is that a 1943 CAMEROSITY code or something else? Additionally the rear has “BF123.05” or “BF12305” engraved as well.

Counting at least 9 reflections when looking down in to it, but I could be off.

The threaded ring above the plumbers tape rotates and activates a 15-bladed aperture with 6 click stops.

There are also bubbles in at least the front element, and at least one of the elements seems to have some thorium-related yellowing.

Seems to be a pretty fast lens given that it projects a pretty strong image, even in a well-lit room.

Anyways, thanks in advance. Any and all help/information would be greatly appreciated.


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23-Mar-2018, 15:48

23-Mar-2018, 17:17
Might be an Aero Ektar with its hood taken off as well as the aperture selection bits taken off. I don't have any of the 7" models around anymore but the shape looks pretty similar to that lens. Check the focal length by holding up the lens across from a window and see how far away from the wall it is to focus at infinity - if ~7 inches, measure the aperture at wide open from the front through the front glass and measure that - if it's about 70mm it's definitely the 7" AE.

24-Mar-2018, 06:18
It is an AE, yes.